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Calamity on Rail Nation

Calamity on Rail Nation

So, who is this Aussie chick and what the heck does she know about Rail Nation?

The truth is that I am by no means an expert at anything or even a particularly experienced player by most standards.

What do I know? I know enough to have placed in the Top 10 on my first game, the Top 5 in my second and the Top 3 in my third. What I am is a quick study…. and probably a tad competitive too. 🙂

Iron HorseIn Rail Nation I am known as Calamity. I play the Golden Gate US-101 server in the East v West dual with an awesome group of people, known as the corp Iron Horse.

Around a dozen of us have stuck together on that server since it began in June 2014.  We’ve played everywhere from the far South-West to the border towns and it has been quite a challenge at times – but always a lot of fun!

I got started with Rail Nation after my husband (Basil_oz in the game) began harassing me to click the link in the invite he had sent me. In all honesty, he couldn’t have cared less if I actually played the game or not but he really wanted the bonus prestige that would come his way if he could get someone else to sign up!  So, for no other reason than to shut him up, I clicked the link, signed up and thought that would be the end of it!

As it turned out, I soon after was off work due to illness. Golden Gate was about to start the East v West duel. I was bored out of my mind at home with not a lot of energy and nothing much to do so I joined the server and it all went from there…

I don’t know about you, but I’m always curious to know more about the real people behind the avatars.  If I were to sum up my observations over several rounds and a lot of socialising, I’d say the bulk of Rail Nation players (not all, mind you, but a good many) are mid aged males. That’s not me, obviously (though I am dangerously close to 40 these days).  

I live on the scenic Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. I’m a wife and mother of 3. In my professional life, I am the managing partner of a regional accounting firm (you see a glimpse of the more nerdy side of me is starting to show there, right?).

I have an unusual mix of interests; from blogging about Australian tax law, to pole dancing, to playing Rail Nation, to obstacle course mud racing…. I’m nothing if not diversified in my hobbies!

The many faces of Calamity
Work Calamity
Casual Calamity
Pole Fitness Calamity
Obstacle Racing Calamity
Family Calamity
Super Hero Calamity
Muddy Calamity
Gym Junkie Calamity


What does any of that have to with anything? You can consider it a reminder that Rail Nation is made up of real people with real lives outside of the game. Not everyone is glued to the monitor 24/7 and a little courtesy goes a long way.

No matter whether you are a part of a corporation, or working towards a city goal, or find yourself in a dispute or turf war with a rival faction, you are never going to advance if you start burning bridges.  And, in my view, you are seriously limiting your potential if you’re not playing any kind of social (or at least diplomatic) game. Like it or not,  you need others to help level a city and advance. And, if you are lucky as I have been, you’ll make some wonderful allies and meet some great friends along the way!


  1. It was a pleasure to stumble across your site. I have played many rounds on Golden Gate and my playstyle does seem similar to yours. I hope you continue to post more info. I do a lot of travel and somehow my cruises or Las Vegas flings always happen in Era 5 or 6 and prevnt me from holding a top 3 spot to the end.

    Happy Hauling

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