Era 2: Engine House and Popular Trains

With the dawn of  new era comes the opportunity to upgrade that engine shed. You’ll remember that the engine shed is capped to a maximum level each era, making it unique among the other train station buildings where you are restricted only by the amount of cash, gold or vouchers you are wiling to throw at them.

Upgrading the engine house

If your game is progressing normally, you should be entering era 2 with a level 7 engine shed.  A few upgrades here will allow you to expand your fleet to include additional cash-making, prestige-generating trains. Yes, please!

During era 2, the engine house maxes out at level 11 and cannot be upgrade further until the next era begins.


Upgrading the engine house will take time and cost money, but each upgrade will also reward you with a one-off prestige bump.

Cheaper building or instant upgrade vouchers can reduce the usual costs and times indicated above. Use them wisely.

If you have been saving those ‘instant upgrade’ vouchers to use at era change, you will need a little over $6,000,000 just for the engine shed upgrades…. keep in mind, you still need to purchase the engines and wagons required to make use of those upgrades. Be prepared with plenty of cash on hand!

If you have the gold available, the new era package can help save you some time and money during era change when it comes to fully upgrading the engine house. One free upgrade is included in this package so you want to be sure it is the most expensive one…. in order to do this, you will need to upgrade your engine shed to level 10 before purchasing the package.

So, you are on the way to developing your engine house but what about the engines that go into it?

Era 2 Trains:

The second era introduces a total of 6 engines (5 plus a bonus engine). For the purposes of this post, we’ll simply look at the most common trains you’ll see on the tracks during the second era.

As a general rule of thumb, the majority of players aim to get from a Falcon (assuming that is what you finished the first era with) to the upgraded Lynx… often skipping the engines in between.

The Bat

Players who did not make coupling in era 1 will find their first era engines cannot haul era 2 goods without it. They might decide to skip era 1 coupling altogether and go straight for the first era 2 engine available – the Bat.

Haul power: The Bat is initially capable of hauling 5 wagons but can be upgraded to pull 6 of them.

Speed: The Bat is in no rush at just 80 km/h. This could be upgraded to a maximum speed of 95 km/h if you were so inclined. to spend the time/RP.

Other Info: Acceleration is 10/20 out of the box or 13/20 with a couple of upgrades. Reliability is set at 50% and there are no upgrade opportunities in that area.

RP needed: A no-fills Bat to get you started in era 2 if you didn’t make coupling the previous era will require 18 research points. Fully upgrading it with all the bells and whistles will require a total of 47 research points.

Let’s talk money: A basic Bat will run you back $165,000. Fully upgraded you are looking at investing up to $255,000, though I can’t imagine why you would.

The Lynx

The Lynx is without a doubt my personal favorite of the era 2 engines. By taking the Route A pathway through the lab tree, you should be able to reach the Lynx within a reasonably short period of time.

Haul power:  The Lynx is capable of carrying 3 wagons by itself, or 5 with an upgrade. Ideally, you will want to hold onto your Falcons from era 1 until you have at least researched the tractive force and are able to haul all 5 wagons with your shiny, new Lynx.

Speed:  If you have been running Falcons the speed is comparable at 135 km/h as is or up to 160 km/h with two speed upgrades.

Other Info: Acceleration is pretty decent too at 13/20 (or 17/20 with some upgrades) and reliability starts out at 60% but can be improved to 80% with one upgrade. Nice.

RP needed: You need to go through the required lab tree to get there first (take path A  to get there sooner) and when you do, a Lynx will use up 20 research points, plus another 50 for all the upgrades. You will likely carry this engine for some time into the next era so she’s worth spending the additional RP on.

Let’s talk money: A basic Lynx costs a tidy $150,000. If you want a fully-upgraded Lynx (which you do),  expect to fork out $358,000. When the time comes to move on to bigger and better things you can anticipate receiving $66,000 for a Lynx when you sell.

The Bull

The Bull is the bonus engine of era 2. Bonus Engines really are a bonus in that they do not take up a space in your engine shed allowing you to house an additional  train.

The Bull has 7 wagons, is low maintenance at 90% reliability and can get around at maximum speed of 110 km/h.  If you reach coupling during era 2, your bonus Bull will also be capable of hauling era 3 goods next era.

You can win bonus engines through things such as the lottery or, occasionally, one will be offered as a competition prize.

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