Medal 76: Mixed Goods

If you are fortunate enough to win the bonus Red Kite during the first era, you can tick this medal off as early as era 1.Red_Kite

There can be some confusion over how to achieve this medal, so let’s take a quick look.

What we are trying to accomplish is “deliver six different goods to a city with one train at the same time”.

medal-6Unlike the All-rounder medal, it matters here where we are transporting these goods; they all need to be delivered to the city. This means the city must be capable of receiving 6 different goods so the city itself will need to be at level 4 or above.

The goods must be delivered simultaneously and so your train needs to haul at least six wagons. And, of course, you will need at least six different types of railroad cars to transport those goodies from the factories.

Minimally, you will require:
– a connection to a level 4 or above city
– an engine capable of hauling at least six wagons
– be connected to either six different industry factories or a warehouse
– six different railroad car types to haul the goods.

Setting the Schedule

I am using the 6-carriage Red Kite for this example. Here I have decided to stop at coal first.

By default, when I stop at the first industry, my train will automatically collect 6 tons worth of the good, using up all of my attached wagons. This is not what we want and should be manually altered.


You will need to manually adjust this number down to just one by clicking the minus sign shown above the wagon on the schedule. You should do this before heading to the next industry to schedule your second pick up.

As I now have 5 free spaces available on my train, the next stop will automatically want to add 5 tons of the next good.


Again, this needs to be manually adjusted down to just one by using the minus sign to reduce the number.


Additional issues can arise if the previous pick up can be a supply good for the next one… such as scheduling wood and then boards. The schedule will also then want to drop off the prior item, so this too will need to be manually adjusted to ensure no drop-offs are occurring along the way. I usually avoid this by additional hassle by scheduling  goods requiring supply before raw materials.

Continue in this way until you have six different goods of one each scheduled for your engine.


Click to enlarge

The seventh and final stop should be the city, where you will deliver all six goods at the one time.

Expect to spend at least 15 minutes on this if you are still in the first era. The medal is worth 50 prestige, however, so it’s a nice little achievement for not a lot of effort.


Happy hauling!

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  1. u cannot do this in the US grand central server?

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