Medal 76: Mixed Goods

If you are fortunate enough to win the bonus Red Kite during the first era, you can tick this medal off as early as era 1. There can be some confusion over how to achieve this medal, so let’s take a quick look. What we are trying to accomplish is “deliver six different goods to […]


Player Profiles and Pretty Stars

Want to know a little bit more about a player? Often you can gather the information you need from a simple look at the players profile. Simply left-click on your chosen target and select ‘show profile’. The Player Profile Your basic profile on the office tab is broken up into 3 main sections. The information in […]


“Wait for Recalc” – its meaning and purpose

  If you’ve played Rail Nation at all, no doubt you have heard the expression, “Wait for realc!”…. and probably seen more than a few frustrated complaints about the players who didn’t! Well, what does it mean exactly and why is it important? I’m glad you asked. What is ‘recalc’? ‘Recalc’ refers to the recalculation of  capacity […]


Tutorial: Sitters – Everything you need to know

For step-by-step instructions on how to nominate a sitter in Rail Nation and information on the various things they can and cannot do for you, read on. If you’re not the reading type, feel free to skip to the end and watch the video screencast instead. What is a sitter? The ‘sitter’ function allows you […]