Iron Horse Policy: SITTERS

It is the expectation of Iron Horse that every member will have at least one sitter set up on their account. In the case of an unexpected absence, having a sitter in place ensures the maintaining of your account and your place in the corp. Being vigilant about sitters is to your own benefit; is […]


Member Guideline: LAB UPGRADES

The last item that can be researched each era in the lab is Coupling. Coupling allows you to haul goods with engines from previous eras. The level of your lab determines how quickly Research Points are generated and how many you can store before they must be applied. With a Plus account or researcher, RP […]


Iron Horse Guideline: COMPETITIONS

Comps are a fantastic way to build cash and prestige or win goodies such as gold, ┬áresearch points, licences and bonus engines. Not only does Iron Horse support members entering competitions, we would encourage you to always be on the lookout for them! The EXCEPTION to this general endorsement is if the city is pushing […]