A Bit About Rail Nation


Rail Nation  is a train simulation strategy MMO published by Travian Games.


Electric Engine

Unlike the majority of MMO’s, each round of Rail Nation has a specific beginning and conclusion, lasting around 13 weeks in total. The game progresses in time through a series of six ‘eras’,  each lasting 14 days in length. With the dawn of each new era comes additional and increasingly sophisticated trains and technologies.

Team work is emphasised as individual players can join together to form corporations (sharing resources such as workers) and corporations must work together within a city in order to develop it. 50 cities compete with one another to be in the Top 10 the end of the  6 eras. The Top 10 final cities will become ‘Megacities’ and battle it out in a final showdown, known as the end game.



Among other things, you will spend your time in the game accumulating cash and prestige by delivering goods to the city, developing your rail network, researching new technologies, scheduling engines for profitable routes, upgrading the buildings in your train station, racing other players in competitions, strategising with your team mates, forming alliances (and sometimes creating rivals)  with other corporations, bidding on workers and licences, and attaining certain achievements in order to claim medals or titles.

Yep, there are a lot of moving parts!

If that is not enough, supply and demand is calculated in real-time to keep you on your toes.


East vs West

The Rail Nation USA scenario of the game offers additional elements and areas of competition, such as the East vs West duel, where factions are rewarded for ‘taking over’ deliveries to cities on the opposing side.

Upon entering the game you will select a starting city, determining if you are joining  Butch Wessidy from Pacific Railroad in the West (red) or Cornelius Vanderrail from Atlantic Railway in the East (blue).

Both individual players and Corporations compete to finish the game round with the highest amount of prestige. Prestige is great for rankings, however, it doesn’t buy you anything but notoriety… quite often you will be forced to choose between playing for prestige or playing for the cash needed to stay competitive.

There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to some of the nuances of the game, but it’s simple to get started and other players are usually keen to assist  newcomers to the game with any questions they might have. Dad, Mum and the kids can enjoy this one… in fact, the readers of MMOGames voted Rail Nation number one for “Best MMO to play with your family”.

 Want to give it a go?