“Wait for Recalc” – its meaning and purpose



If you’ve played Rail Nation at all, no doubt you have heard the expression, “Wait for realc!”…. and probably seen more than a few frustrated complaints about the players who didn’t!

Well, what does it mean exactly and why is it important? I’m glad you asked.

What is ‘recalc’?

‘Recalc’ refers to the recalculation of  capacity ultilisation at facilities (formerly known as load utilisation).

This recalculation occurs every 60 minutes across all industries.

The time until the next recalc is indicated at the bottom of each facility information screen.

Locating the time until next recalc

Locating the time until next recalc

How does this impact wait times?

The waiting times in the industries depend on a number of factors, with the occupancy rate being one of the most important.

Each industry can dispatch a particular amount of tons of goods each hour (capacity). The more goods are collected, the higher the occupancy rate and also the waiting time. Conversely, the lower the occupancy rate, the lower the wait time.

Why we wait

Essentially, if an industry has not been used during the previous hourly recalculation cycle, it will enjoy ZERO wait times for the next hour.

Does one player jumping the gun really make a difference?

YES! Let me demonstrate.


Here we have a facility which has not yet been used in the current recalc cycle… it is 50 minutes into the hour with just 10 minutes to go until the next recalc.


You will note the 0% capacity utilization, indicating it is currently unspoiled and enjoying zero wait times… but this is only guaranteed for the next 10 minutes.

Let’s assume this industry has just opened up for the city. Experienced players with the city’s interests in mind will probably be reminding everyone to “wait for recalc.”

Quite often players who aren’t paying attention, are new to the game, or just don’t give a crap will start hauling right away.

To illustrate what can happen,  I have set my trains to haul from this factory for the remaining 10 minutes. In other words, I am not waiting for recalc.

Here is the result of one player trying to get a 10 minute head start:


In just 10 minutes, my engines alone have add 31 seconds (and my corp holds the majority!).

cap-73This, you will note, is due to capacity utilization jumping from zero to 73% before the next recalc.

Then we have a situation where NOBODY is better off;  least of all the city.

Had I waited, every player in the city could be hauling for an entire hour with no wait times… and that is absolutely going to result in more RG being delivered to the city than anything I accomplished by hauling early.

Even if I only had my own interests in mind, I would still be better off hauling for an entire hour with zero wait times than I am having jumped in before recalc for whatever zero wait time remained (in this case, just 10 minutes of it).

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Calamity is the current Chair of Iron Horse; a multiple Top 3 finishes corporation on the Golden Gate US 101 server. She's a big fan of Rail Nation and wastes more time than she should playing it. :)

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