Tutorial: Sitters – Everything you need to know

For step-by-step instructions on how to nominate a sitter in Rail Nation and information on the various things they can and cannot do for you, read on.

If you’re not the reading type, feel free to skip to the end and watch the video screencast instead.

What is a sitter?

The ‘sitter’ function allows you to nominate other players who can carry out certain tasks for you if you are offline for a while.

You can have up to 2 sitters at any one time and you can sit for up to 2 players at a time. Sitters can start care-taking after you and any other sitter has not logged into your account for 12 hours or more.

How do I set up a sitter? 

Setting a sitter is relatively quick and easy to do.

The Options Menu

The Options Menu

1. Access your profile options.

Access profile options via the office.

Access profile options via the office.

– You can do this directly via the options menu at the top right-hand side of the screen or

– you can get there by clicking onto your avatar and then select “Profile Options” in the bottom-right corner.

 2. Access the sitter options.

Click onto “Sitter” from the Settings menu on the right. This will open up the Sitter screen.

Open the Sitter screen

Open the Sitter screen

3. Nominate a sitter.

Type sitter name into text box

Type sitter name into text box


There are 2 sitter spaces available.

Click into a vacant box and begin to type the screen name of the player you wish to nominate as your sitter.

An intuitive drop-down should appear with the names of players matching the criteria you have typed in. This will allow you to quickly select the player you are after (and comes in very handy when you cannot recall exactly how they spell their avatar name).

Confirm your choice of sitter

Confirm your choice of sitter

Once you have select your sitter’s name, simply click onto the green tick to add them as a sitter and give the okay on the confirmation pop-up.

4. Set sitter permissions.

For each sitter you can select or deselect a variety of access permissions.

By default some options are already ticked. The include the ability to change schedules, construct tracks, sell engines and wagons, invest in facilities and bid on licenses.

Not all options are enabled by default

Not all options are enabled by default

If you would like your sitter to have the ability to contribute towards headquarters upgrades on your behalf, you will need to turn this on yourself as it is not enabled by default.

Removing a sitter

The red x will remove the sitter

The red x will remove the sitter

Sitters can be swapped out or deleted at any time.

To remove a sitter, simply click onto the red X next to their name to delete them and confirm your decision with an OK on the confirmation pop-up.

What things can a sitter do? 

Along with the specific options selected above, a sitter will also be able to assist you with the following tasks:

  • tickSpend research points
  • Service engines
  • Upgrade station buildings
  • Collect station bonuses
  • Scratch free lottery tickets
  • Enter competitions
  • Redeem medals
  • Buy engines and wagons


What things can’t a sitter do?

While a sitter is valuable for maintaining the general health of your game, they are still operating with limited functions. Note that there is NO SITTING during the End Game.

The good news is that your privacy and actual profile settings are secure.

Here are some things that sitters cannot do while sitting for your account:

  • crossCannot read your messages
  • Cannot post on forums
  • Cannot change your profile settings
  • Cannot leave or change corporations
  • Cannot bid on workers
  • Cannot use Timetable Calculator
  • Cannot spend any gold


A note about Plus+ Accounts and sitters

Because a sitter is unable to do anything involving your gold, they are also unable to extend your Plus+ Account should it expire.

If you know you are going to be away and you use a Plus+ Account, it’s important to ensure that you have sufficient time remaining before you leave.

Remember, once that Plus+ expires, the capacity of your bank account will immediately halve! In addition, your researcher will stop working (taking longer to collect Research Points) and your sitter will be forced to schedule each of your engines one at a time.

Video Tutorial

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