Iron Horse Guideline: COMPETITIONS


Comps are a fantastic way to build cash and prestige or win goodies such as gold,  research points, licences and bonus engines.

Not only does Iron Horse support members entering competitions, we would encourage you to always be on the lookout for them!

The EXCEPTION to this general endorsement is if the city is pushing to level. At that time, it is considered  very bad form to either switch to another good or abandon the city to run a comp out-of-town.  Most comps run for a significant period of time and you can usually still jump in and enter right after a level-up.

Note that it is also generally considered poor play to win a competition for a bonus engine you already own against a player who does not have one. At those times, it may be better to simply place in the comp.  Please be considerate of this type of thing so as not to rob other players of an opportunity to own their own bonus train.

In later eras, competitions are especially helpful in forcing you to buy wagons you may be lacking. The cost of those wagons is often then  largely offset by competition earnings.

So, with these things in mind, Go Iron Racehorses!!! Go!

About Calamity

Calamity is the current Chair of Iron Horse; a multiple Top 3 finishes corporation on the Golden Gate US 101 server. She's a big fan of Rail Nation and wastes more time than she should playing it. :)

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