Iron Horse Policy: SITTERS


It is the expectation of Iron Horse that every member will have at least one sitter set up on their account.

In the case of an unexpected absence, having a sitter in place ensures the maintaining of your account and your place in the corp.

Being vigilant about sitters is to your own benefit; is also only fair to the rest of the team and to the city (you’ll quickly let everyone down if our RG drops and days later your run-down engines are still hauling an old good).

Unfortunately, players who have a YELLOW status (indicating 3 days of no login) have to be dismissed. You can prevent this by ensuring a sitter is able to take care of your account for you…. at the very least, it will buy you more time.

If you are unsure how to set up a sitter for your account, please refer to Calamity’s step-by-step instructions at Tutorial:  Sitters – Everything you need to know

About Calamity

Calamity is the current Chair of Iron Horse; a multiple Top 3 finishes corporation on the Golden Gate US 101 server. She's a big fan of Rail Nation and wastes more time than she should playing it. :)

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